Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Term 2, Room 6 - 'The Mountains Around Us'

*Room 6!* - (Years 5/6)

Breathtaking artwork!

Room 6 were astonished by the calibre of art we completed with Mrs Manuyag. We knew we 
were good artists, but this was amazing! We started by discussing our key words -
perspectives, layers, and landscape. We then learned about the colour wheel, and how to
make colours pop! Then we blocked in our landscape, painted (which was harder than we 
thought!) and then outlined. 

Check it out!

draw layers of nature to show perspective.
WALT: use the colour wheel effectively.
WALT: plan our artwork to use space creatively.
WALT: use the colour wheel to choose colours for effect. 

Art Media: Sketching Pencils, Paint in Primary Colours, Black Paint, Paint Brushes, newspaper, 

Key words: P
erspectives, Layers, and Landscape

These have now been displayed on the front wall in our school hall, and have already 
received rave reviews!

  • Our favourite part was looking at what we had completed at the end.
  • The hardest part was the painting - it took ages to dry and was hard to stay in the lines. 

        We think we need more practice at this!

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