Thursday, 31 July 2014

Art - Crafts

WALA frame making!

Check out what we have been doing for our Art Craft so far this term!

Our class favourite so far was Mary's because she had SO MUCH detail!

Thanks to 'The Tile Clearance' who donated us the frames to us.

Middle School Art Extension

WALT use different art media to create a masterpiece!

Today the Year 3-4 Art Extension group met for the first time! Mrs Manuyag decided that before we learn how to use each type of art media with more depth and skill, we need to actually try out the media!

It was really fun today using the watercolour blocks to fill in our backgrounds. Next week we are excited to use oil paint vs acrylic paint!

Art Technology - Term 3, 2014

Welcome to our Art Technology group for Term Three!

We are working in conjunction with our school Inquiry topic for this term - 'Tagata O Le Moana' - People of the Sea.

To start our term, we had to create a way to share information about water pollution with our school. When looking online we found 'Drain Art'! We decided this was a great way to share about water pollution with our school.

Here are some images of our brainstorms - we are currently getting ready our life-sized drafts to show Mrs Kelly.