Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Art Technology - T1, Lesson One!

Today for Art Technology we were experimenting with water colour paints. First, we used dots of paint, some water and our paintbrushes to experiment with different lines, swirls, designs and patterns. 

After having an experiment, we reflected on what we had learned about using watercolour paints. 

  • Don't let the paint dry!
  • Yellow blends well with other colours
  • Don't put too much water on
  • Blending the colours makes it look more real
  • My favourite colours were the maroon, and yellow water colours
  • If you twist the paintbrush, it soaks up the water
  • The paint dries fast
  • Blending colours is very fun
  • Using different techniques makes different styles
After our reflection, we went onto our piece of artwork. 
  1. Creating perspective with hills (sketching)
  2. Creating perspective with trees (sketching)
  3. Adding shades of green and yellow with water to create different shades of green (light to dark)

  4. Adding shade of brown (with accents of yellow and black) to trees to add realism.
  5. Adding sky - reds, oranges.
We then reflected on what parts of our artwork we liked, and which parts we need to practice.

Look at some of our amazing work!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Independent Classwork

What a fantastic surprise to have a brilliant student from Mrs Sharma's class come to show me her artwork!

Hope had completed her mixed media art to a high standard within her set time frame. Well done Hope!

It is SUCH a pleasure to see amazing art being completed all around Tamaki Primary School :>

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Oil Paint Chaos!

WALT explore the new art media of oil paint!


  • Oil Paint
  • Card Strips
  • Square Card Base
  • Palettes (we use folded newspaper)

1. Explanation about the important things to know when it comes to working with oil paint.
  • Coming off clothing
  • Coming off hands
  • Smell
  • Textured Quality
2. Children to come into room, taking a piece of newspaper, and a square of card. Name on back of card.

3. Children to gather around teachers table. Teacher to model taking three blobs of oil paint from the set up table, and putting them onto the palette. Teacher to model using strips of card to spread colours onto the base card, using sweeping slashes to create texture.

4. Children to try for themselves - they may use as many colours as they want, but it can look more effective with lighter colours on the top. 

5. Find somewhere sensible for the card to dry. It can take up to a week.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

T4 Art Technology - Recyclable Art (#1)

Learning Outcomes:
WALT identify what recyclable art is.

WALT identify what materials can make recyclable art creations.

WALT use magazines and newspapers to make recyclable art.

WALT work in a group to complete a project in a set time.

Art Media:
  • Wool
  • Newspaper

  • Cellotape

What we did!

Char, Lauren and McKoy
Lolo, Caprice, Christopher, and Stanley

Quitah, Taylor and Chasity
John, Niko, Tionee and William

Cones everywhere!!

  • We found putting the cones together frustrating.
  • It was enjoyable sitting and making the cones with our friends.
  • Quality of the cones is something we need to practice!
  • Choosing our groups and working together was fun!
  • Time management - a BIG goal for us!
  • Making outcomes a bit different was interesting!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Room One - Calendar Art, 2014

Today, Room 1 came to the Art Room to complete their art for the Tamaki Primary calendar fundraiser this term. We loved learning how to draw cartoon birds and put patterns onto fish outlines.

Our main focus was learning to use different art media and thinking carefully about the layout of our artwork. Our art media today was using sketch pencils, vivids for outlining, chalk pastels for our backgrounds and felt tips for our details.

It was really fun choosing our chalk pastel colours! We got chalk pastel ALL OVER our hands and the tables - but it was really fun covering our paper with colours.

Enjoy our photos!

Room 4 - Calendar Art (Part One)

Today Room 4 came to the Art Room to prepare their art for the calendar fundraiser that Tamaki Primary are doing this term. It was really exciting to work together to begin to create BEAUTIFUL pieces of art.

We are focusing on using hot and cold colours. Our art media today was sketch pencils and vivids for outlining. Next session we will be using oil pastels to fill our artwork in.

The artist we used for inspiration was Pablo Picasso. We discussed how Picasso likes to mix up emotions, colours and facial features in his artwork to make it look interesting for his audience.

So, enjoy the images of our part one! Part Two will be coming soon....

Art Boys! Dragons (Part One)

Today our "Art Boys" group began to create our dragons.

Our first step was to practice how to do the dragon outline. We used proper sketching pencils to do this and Andre especially enjoyed smudging with his pencil.

Vinny loved doing his dragon eyes. He wants to practice these more in his own time so that next week he is ready to put in more detail.

Madjik loved doing his teeth! He is going to practice again next Tuesday at making the outline of the dragon more realistic.

Andre loved his dragon ears! He wants to work out getting even smudging for next time!