Monday, 31 March 2014

Art in Room 6

Today Room 6 were learning about creating personifications! We first made three lists of emotions, verbs and body parts, then chose one from each list to create our personifications. 

For example: 
fear+sprinting+head = Fear was sprinting through my head.

We then used our netbooks to research cartoons of children showing emotions. We learned how to block in the shapes of these cartoons, then add detail.

Next time, we are going to learn how to do Urban Art to complete our visual presentations!

Here are some pictures of our hard work so far...

Artist of the Week - Benny!

Artist of the Week - Teharangi!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Art Awards for Term One, Week Nine

Check out the Tamaki Primary School "Artists of the Week"

R.J from Room One
Viliami from Room Three

Greedy Cat Cartoons! By Room One

Today in Room One, we were learning how to draw cartoon cats. 

We have been reading Greedy Cat books and wanted to create some artwork to go with our reading work. 

We learned how to draw cats by following the story of the man with no arms, who hid in a cave and was attacked by bees! It was fun!

Popcorn Art in Room 3

Today Room 3 were learning about how to integrate writing and art. We were learning about adjectives and to learn this, we used POPCORN!

We had so much fun making popcorn adjective poems! Here's one example from Troy...
My Popcorn Sheep (By Troy)
Cloudy, bushy, white.
Fluffy, yellow, soft.
It looks like a sheep!

Have a look at our artwork - see if you can figure out what we are comparing our popcorn too!