Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Art Technology - T1, Lesson One!

Today for Art Technology we were experimenting with water colour paints. First, we used dots of paint, some water and our paintbrushes to experiment with different lines, swirls, designs and patterns. 

After having an experiment, we reflected on what we had learned about using watercolour paints. 

  • Don't let the paint dry!
  • Yellow blends well with other colours
  • Don't put too much water on
  • Blending the colours makes it look more real
  • My favourite colours were the maroon, and yellow water colours
  • If you twist the paintbrush, it soaks up the water
  • The paint dries fast
  • Blending colours is very fun
  • Using different techniques makes different styles
After our reflection, we went onto our piece of artwork. 
  1. Creating perspective with hills (sketching)
  2. Creating perspective with trees (sketching)
  3. Adding shades of green and yellow with water to create different shades of green (light to dark)

  4. Adding shade of brown (with accents of yellow and black) to trees to add realism.
  5. Adding sky - reds, oranges.
We then reflected on what parts of our artwork we liked, and which parts we need to practice.

Look at some of our amazing work!