Monday, 19 May 2014

Term 2, Room 3 - Banyan Trees!

*Room 3!* - (Year 2)

What an amazing class!

Today Room 3 moved away from New Zealand and learned about South Africa. Because we love colours we decided to explore using the colour wheel to create Banyan trees! This really was extending ourselves as we were learning to use paint, to paint accurately with paintbrushes, and to use pastels inside a line.

But we did it!

WALT: use pastels and colour inside the lines.
use inspiration from nature to create artwork.
WALT: plan our artwork to use space creatively.
WALT: use the colour wheel to choose colours for effect.
Art Media: Oil Pastels, Sketching Pencils, Black Paint, Paint Brushes
Key words: Banyan trees, Paint Sketch, Outline

These have now been displayed in our school library!


  • Our favourite part was colouring with the pastels and choosing our colours.
  • One part that we want to work on next time is our painting skills - as we found this really hard!

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