Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Term 2, Room 1 - Fishes in the Water...

*Room 1!* - (Year 0-1)

Room 1 had a FABULOUS day in Art today!

We used the poem 'Be Careful, Fish' by Jill Eggleton to inspire our artwork. First we learned about different shapes of fish, and different types of fish. Then Mrs Manuyag taught us how to draw four different types of fish. 

Once we had chosen our favourite fish, we transferred this onto big paper, and then learned how to use a vivid to outline our work, and how to use oil pastels to get bright colours!

We LOVE our fish artwork!

WALT: use pastels and colour inside the lines.
WALT: follow step-by-step instructions.
Art Media: Dye, Oil Pastels, Sketching Pencils, Crayons, Jovies
Key words: Shapes, Sketch, Outline

Check out our images below of our awesome artwork!

Feel free to post your comments - I know that the Room 1 students would LOVE to hear your feedback :>

  • Our favourite part was sketching the four different types of fish.
  • Next time, we would like to learn how to sketch other animals.

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  1. Wow Mrs Manuyag and Room 1!
    We love your fishies!

    We're looking forward to doing more art with you, Mrs Vercoe said we might get to make some monsters with you :)