Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Term 2, Room 4 - Tigers in the Mist

*Room 4!*

Today, Room 4 came to the Art room for their Art Day!

Room 4 had been reading 'The Tiger Rising' by Kate DeCamillo with their teacher Ms Macfarlane and wanted to learn about how to create a piece of artwork using a tiger!

WALT: use a colour wheel to create perspective in our artwork. 
Art Media: Waterpaints, Oil Pastels, Sketching Pencils
Key words: Perspective, Distance, Colour-wheel

Here are some images of us sketching, painting, and creating our SPECTACULAR pieces of artwork!

Feel free to post your comments - I know that the Room 4 students would LOVE to hear your feedback :>

  • Our favourite part was learning about how to use watercolour paint.
  • Next time, we would like to spend more time learning about how to sketch the different parts of the tiger.

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  1. I like your art because they look cool and they are tigers. I can't wait to do art with Mrs Manuyag! Leonidas