Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Room 2 - How to use pastels

On Tuesday in Room 2, we were learning about how to smudge two colours with pastels to add depth to our artwork. We had a lot of fun putting leaves on our trees.

First, we ran around outside and found different leaves of all shapes, sizes and colours. We then tried to use different colours of pastels to see if we could replicate the colours of our actual leaves.

After this, we used "smudging" skills to smudge our colours together to make leaves. Look at what we came up with!


  1. Hi Tamaki primary school

    I like how creative you are using different types of art and at the end it looked really cool.

    Please comment to our class blog Panmure Bridge room 5 when you get the chance
    By zeba

  2. Hi Zeba,
    Thanks for coming and checking out our school Art blog! We will definitely come and check out your class one too! How cool is it that Manaiakalani schools can celebrate learning together :> Thanks for your thoughtful comments :>
    Mrs M