Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Term 2, Room 4 - Picasso is in the House!

*Room 4!* - (Years 3/4)

Picasso is in the house!

Today instead of learning about a new art media, we learned about a famous artist - Picasso. 
It was really interested learning about how he did his art, and the things that interested him.
We were surprised to find out that he loved using lots of colour in his art - just like us!

Firstly, we learned how to sketch realistic self-portraits. Then we went over our outlines in 
vivid, before cutting up our art into 8 pieces - this was a lot of fun!

After this, we using crazy colours to colour in our self-portraits! This was so much fun! It was 
really funny putting the artwork together and laughing at how we looked in multi-colour!
WALT: draw accurate self-portraits.
WALT: create a piece of high quality art.
WALA: Picasso!
WALT: use the colour wheel to choose colours for effect. 

Art Media: Sketching Pencils, Pastels, Vivids. 

Key words: P
icasso, Colour Wheel, Accuracy, Realism vs Abstract

You can now find our art in the school corridor near our music room!

  • Our favourite part was putting our art together and laughing at the result!
  • The hardest part was keeping up the quality of our colouring with the pastels.



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