Monday, 25 August 2014

Room 5 - Marine Art

  • WALT to use the new art media "chalk pastels".
  • WALT sketch a chosen marine animals.
  • WALT fill in our marine animal with details. 


Today Room 5 earned some art time! Together we created some AMAZING pieces of art that used the shape of a fish, 'doodle'-type detail, our names, and chalk pastel. We were very proud of what we created!



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  2. Hey Mrs Manuyag
    I liked it when we coloured in our backgrounds with water pastels.
    But what I did not like was when we drawed it I found it pretty hard but you were still there to help me.
    Thank you Mrs Manuyag.

  3. I like the way ues this crayon on the paper.

  4. Wow I really love the way how rom 5 drawed those pretty pictures I really love them I wish that I could draw one with you guys!!!!
    Keep it up and if you guys do another one please invite me!!!