Thursday, 7 August 2014

Art Technology - Term 3, Week 3!

Last week we started our brainstorms for our ideas for our drain art. This week we completed our drafts and then took them outside to put around the drains/pipes to see what they would look like!

We WELCOME your comments and feedback, so we can make changes before we begin painting next week!

P.S. Make sure you come back and check out the Art Blog next week - Mrs Manuyag will post some photos of our painting! Our fingers are crossed for a bright, sunny day!


  1. Oh. Em. Gee! I love all of these designs! I have to say, my favourite two were Spongebob and the Shark! They were big, bold and really eye catching - I definitely wouldn't miss those, out in the playground! I would definitely think twice before putting my rubbish on the ground (and into Spongebob's home!) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh! I also really loved the last photo! I can't remember the name of that fish - but it looks so large, bold, and really effective! Great work, Jayden and Kini!

  2. Awesome designs! I like the idea of painting the drain pipes as well as the storm-water drains. All of the designs are very striking. It will be hard not to notice the drains when you're done.